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The cleaning principle of nano-sponge


Many friends who have used nano-sponge will find that nano-sponge washing dishes, washing cups, cleaning such objects is very convenient, limescale tea scale clean. So why is this magic sponge strong decontamination function, cleaning dishes, tea sets, furniture without detergent, just gently wipe, and then rinse with water. Here are the secrets for you.

Nano-sponge is also known as magic sponge, magic wipe, etc., the root cause of nano-sponge adsorption stains is its internal rich three-dimensional mesh structure, after wetting will form countless small nanoscale capillary, these capillary and dirt surface contact, just like countless small vacuum cleaners produce strong adsorption force, the dirt from the surface up. It's the new cleaning method -- blot out stains. The thinner the capillary, the stronger its suction will be. The thickness of the nanocapillary depends on the size of the nanosponge fiber network, and the number of nanocapillary depends on the density of the nanosponge. In other words, the higher the density of the nano-sponge, the stronger the cleaning ability.

Because the adsorption capacity of this product is particularly strong, in order to ensure that the items in your home are better cared for, it is recommended that you use caution in the following situations:
1. Where the oil is particularly severe (such as: range hoods, stoves that have not been cleaned for a long time, etc.), because the heavy oil will be closely adsorbed with the nano-sponge, it is difficult to clean down, so this situation is not recommended. You can use detergent to remove the oil on the surface first, and then use a nanosponge to wipe the dirt further.
2. For leather products, the effect of nano-sponge on leather is the most obvious, and artificial leather is slightly less. Because the adsorption capacity of nano-sponge is very strong, easy to fade or dyed leather products are best to try to wipe in an inconspicuous place, and the effect can be used in a large area.
3. For painted electronic product screens (such as computers, TVS, lenses, etc.), because of concerns about wiping the coating during the wiping process will affect the viewing effect, so avoid wiping such screens as much as possible.
4. When used in electrical products, remember to squeeze out excess water from the soaked nano sponge and wipe it again to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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