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Magic Eraser Sponge is a new, Eco-friendly cleaning products in 21st century.  Home is always our most warm harbor, no matter how many cities you walk through, the number of hotles you lived. There is a clean and tidy home environment is each of us desire. But in our daily life, all of the household appliance and switch easy left hard removed stains. Did you try to find an eco-friendly, more effective cleaning products? Magic Eraser Sponge is your best choice!

Computer Case, the display surface and TV, back of computer, as TV, computer, weak electrostatic attraction adsorption of dust and stains; suddenly have a call when having meal, no time to wash your hands and oil stains on the phone; with a variety of miscellaneous dust of summer air-conditioning and fan; debris piled up on the washing machine and leave yellowish; and baby's masterpiece——pencils or markers/crayon, etc. Is very difficult to clean up. Did you try to find an eco-friendly, more effective cleaning products? Magic Eraser Sponge is your best choice!

Magic Eraser Sponge make clean and neat is not the desire and imagination. Magic Eraser Sponge texture close, high hardness, feel good, super wear-resistant, ideal for cleaning all kinds of dirt, stains and manuscripts, scratches, children graffiti and other stubborn stains. And only water when cleaning, detergent-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, not to hurt the hand. Magic Eraser Sponge is melamine made foam with fine structure.

Magic Earser Songe is widely used in various places in daily household cleaning.

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