Magic eraser on car

Magic Eraser SpongeWhen cleaning the cars especially cleaning the leather seats, it is difficult to find a good product to make the cleaning easily. Which is the problem make the car owner has a headache. Magic Eraser Sponge appears helps us solve this headache problem. Beause the magic eraser sponge has magic power in cleaning, it just need water can clean the stains clearly no need any detergent. Magic eraser can make the car cleaning very easily and help the car owner solve the headache problem.

In addition, magic eraser sponge can remove the dirt on the door plank, wheels aluminum circle, auto plastic parts, inside car doors, glasses, instrument desk, armrest, steering wheel and the dirt on the surface. Melamine sponge also has a significant effect on cleaning the footprints of the automobile interior decoration. Magic eraser sponge has a super effect in durty cleaning . And the magic eraser sponge is 99.9% anti-bacterial, no contain detergent, non-toxic harmless, super strong cleaning effect, , not hurt to our hands. Magic Eraser Sponge also suitable on unsmooth surface(car texture),only water, just wipe! After use the magic eraser sponge clean the stains, just put the magic eraser to the clean water the magic eraser can become clean again.

Magic eraser sponge can be widly used in the car cleaning. And the magic eraser sponge is a good cleaning product which can help you solve the car cleaning headache problem.

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