• Wall Cleaner- Nano sponge
  • Wall Cleaner- Nano sponge
  • Wall Cleaner- Nano sponge
  • Wall Cleaner- Nano sponge

Wall Cleaner- Nano sponge

Wall Cleaner- Nano sponge
High Density Magic Eraser Sponge
Magic Eraser Sponge can absorb blots automatically and physically. Its capillary-pore structure can remove stubborn stains effectively without any chemical detergent. The antibacterial action is also amazing with only water.
Widely use, like household, kitchen, bathroom, leather furniture, office, such as difficult to clean up the stain.
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melamine sponge

“Wall Cleaner” is new cleaning products made from a high-tech environmentally friendly materials, versatile, easy to use: just require water, no detergent, magic cleaning effect , environmental protection, not hurt to hand; ideal product for families cleaning and best cleaning effect on uneven dirt surface deep, easy cleaning, without leaving scratches.

Wall Cleaning is a big project that many people are detered. Not only time-consuming on cleaning up, and the normal rag can't clean up but sometimes will make the walls more dirty and more blurred, even the detergents is difficult to clean up, and will likely to damage the wall surface. How to clean the smoothy white walls?

Wall cleaner nano sponge is easy to solve the problem: just water, rub the stain easily!

wall cleaner nano sponge

“The biggest difference between wall cleaner nano sponge with traditional cleaning methods : it uses physical decontamination mechanism, relying on capillary openings Nano product structure, in the process of cleaning automaticly absorp stains white wipe the surface, and completely independent of chemical detergents to help degradation. Its magical super detergency, brought endless convenience to our healthy living .

Wall cleaner nano sponge applies for cleaning walls, tile, marble, mosaic, flooring and other surface and pore Huigou, rust, tea stains, drink stains, rubber hammer stain, shoes scratches, wax stubborn stains, scratches aluminum and iron , oil pen scratches stubborn stains, etc., can also be effectively remove the wax layer tile surface.“Wall cleaner nano spongeis also suitable for all types of tiles, floor surfaces, cracks in the grime, dirt and cement sealant stain welding seal, metal cleaning scratches in new housing and renovate old housing, can also be used for outside of the wall, bathroom dirt, rust and other stubborn stains .

magic eraser
  1. Soak the magic eraser sponge into water.squeeze out excess water with your hand, keep it moist;
  2. Gently pressed dry excess water,half-dry is ok, do not twist;
  3. Gently wipe the stain in the same direction along parts of the product inside the nano-capillary, automatic absorption of stains on the surface, easy decontamination, Cawan with a rag or paper towel and then wipe and float (unabsorbed ) wipe dirt (dry);
  4. Wipe the few, the goods will be placed under the faucet or soaked in water, do not twist, dirt self dissolution, can be used repeatedly;
  5. Soak used magic sponge into water, don't twist, the dirt self dissolution, and then used repeatedly. It is normal in the process of using lossy.
cookhouse cleaning
Genuine Leather cleaning
household appliances cleaning
washroom cleaning
office supplies cleaning
tea set cleaning
magic eraser cleaning
  1. Kitchen & Housewares: gas cooker, pots, dishes, cutlery, sinks, cabinets, tools, faucets and other;
  2. Leather furniture: leather sofa, glass desks, wardrobes, chairs, doors, windows, vases, shoes, piano musical instruments, children's toys, mirrors, sockets, etc.;
  3. Household appliances: lamps, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave, oven, stove, grill, oven glass, electric fans, rice cookers, Xiaoduwangui, switches and sockets and other stains;
  4. Family bathroom: bathroom, bathtub, plastic basin, toilet, slate, tile, etc.;
  5. Office supplies: desk, computer (keyboard), printers, copiers, fax machines, telephones, filing cabinets and other surfaces stubborn stains;
  6. Office tea: coffee table, teacup, murals frame, fish tanks, flower pots and so on;
  7. Car leather interior room: leather seats, steering wheel, windows, etc;

Magical using:

  1. Put magic eraser sponge into the bottom of the pots, flower soil cover onto the magic eraser sponge, the sponge in water the flowers when the nano can play the role of keeping water, can take a long time to provide adequate moisture;
  2. The nano-sized sponges can be cut into shapes suitable for placement of soap, a sponge instead of using nano-soapbox, put soap on the nano-sponge, soap nanosized each use soap sponge can put water on dry, keep the soap dry, you can  magic eraser sponge underneath side do cleaning sponge, used to clean wash basin Competition;
  3. Clean sponge
  4. Inkwell bottle plus a lap at high density  magic eraser sponge, can effectively prevent the ink spread;
  5. Magic eraser sponge is applied to clean / repair the surface of molding products;
  6. Rapid removal of the product surface handwriting, grunge, product does not contain corrosive chemicals;
  7. Small surface scratches, abrasions shadows and repair;
  8. Frosted surface: matte local too smooth surface in the injection molding product grinding;

Since the absorb ability is so strong, in order to make your goods under better care, we suggest you be caution to use for the following conditions:

magic sponge

  1. The places where has too much greasy,like the kitchen smoker--long time no wash. For the heavy greasy dirt can be absorbed on the magic sponge, can’t be clean easily,thus, we don’t suggest you to use in such conditions.You can first remove the greasy stains with detergent, and use the magic sponge to do deep cleaning.
  2. For the leather products, magic sponge has the best effect on genuine leather, and better on man-made leather.Since it has strong absorb ability,please try on obscure place in case of losing color.
  3. For screen of the electronics(computer, TV, camera), for worrying the magic sponge may remove the coating and affect the using, please try to avoid to scrub such screen.
  4. When used in electrical products, remember to soak the sponge squeezed through the nano then wipe excess water to avoid electric shock.
  5. Wiping, you should follow the same direction, do not wipe (Extend the use of time) back and forth.
  6. Do not eat.
  7. Do not scrub at skin.


  1. Each granule so tiny that ten thousands would fit on a hair.
  2. Melamine Sponge is consumables, it is like eraser, along with the increase in use became smaller.
  3. Advised consumers to gently wipe the items, so as not to damage the structure of the nano sponge.
  4. Pay attention to when using nano sponge surface cleaning, it can achieve better cleaning effect.

magic earser spongeMagic eraser sponge, also called nano magic eraser, or melamine sponge, is a kind of pure white multarticulate body with special structure made by new nanotechnology. It is a kind of environment-friendly cleaning product of 21th century, characterized by tastelessness, innocuity, and harmlessness. Each granule so tiny that ten thousands would fit on a hair.
     Different from traditional cleaning sponge, magic sponge can absorb blots automatically and physically. Its capillary-pore structure can remove stubborn stains effectively without any chemical detergent. The antibacterial action is also amazing with only water.no pollotion environment, compare the traditional cleaning just need 30%~40% water, water saving, and no scratches, it is your best choice in housework.

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