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In the home life, cleaning and hygiene is one of the most troublesome things, the kitchen oil, the bathroom scale, the sink mold, tile seams black and other problems, sometimes according to the online guide to try a variety of methods are useless, if the use of cleaning supplies will play a multiplier effect, later encounter the same problem will not worry.

Nano-sponge magic wipe, dip in water, do not need detergent, rely on their own friction can clean the dirt. In the kitchen, the magic wipe can be used to wipe tile surfaces, cooktops, quartz stone countertops. In particular, the countertop near the sink is often black with the pot, and it is difficult to wipe it with rags and cleaners, but it can be easily done with magic. As well as remote control, socket, data cable, charging cable, shoes these plastic products surface, with a long time will become dirty, take ordinary rag is difficult to wipe clean, but with magic wipe can easily decontamination.

In addition, paint-free cabinets, lacquered solid wood doors, etc. There are lines on the surface of these objects, not particularly smooth, especially paint-free board, wipe with cloth can only brush the dust on the surface, if the cloth is not clean, but make the gap more dirty, with magic wipe can wipe the gap that is difficult to observe with the naked eye. Once used, the contrast is obvious.

Magic wipe can not be used dry, soak in water, and then press by hand, squeeze out excess water can be used, it is best to follow the instructions to operate, otherwise it will affect the use effect.

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