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        Except the home, where we stay the longest time is the office. We use the desk(keyboard), computer, printer, copier,fax machines, telephones and filling cabinets for a long time. On the surface the bacterial growth and the remaining stains are difficult to cleaning up. Did you try to find an eco-friendly, more effective cleaning products? Magic Nono Eraser Sponge is your best choice!

        Magic Nano Eraser sponge make the cleaning most simplify, make the cleaning just from now on. Just need a glass of water and a piece of nano sponge to wipe gently. Can solve all the cleaning problem. Give you a fresh working world!

Magic Nano Eraser Sponge is melamine made foam with fine structure.

Magic Nano Earser Sponge is widely used in various places in daily household cleaning.

Magic Nano Earser is simply operated and extremely effective.

Magic Nano Earser applied physical cleaning method only.

Magic Nano Earser is healthy and Eco-friendly all over the world.

 A new look of the working place, only with water and magic sponge.


Magic Nano Eraser Sponge
The keyboard cleaning before and after contrast

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