Tea Set

Tea or coffee stains on your cup are so annoying! You can not clean them completely! Please have a try with magic eraser sponge. Just wipe with water, nothing left! Your cup will be sparkling like a new.

How to use magic eraser sponge?
You should know the correct way to use the magic eraser sponge. The more appropriate you use , the longer magic eraser sponge can be used.
Step 1: Soak the magic eraser sponge into water.
Step 2: Put magic eraser sponge in between two palms, press out the extra water lightly.
Step 3: Wipe the dirty place with the magic eraser sponge lightly.
Step 4: Using another washing cloth to wipe the un-floated stains.

magic sponge
Magic Eraser Sponge can also used other place.
1. House furnishing products: tea set, bowl and plate, plastic, glass, sofa, leather shoes, sports shoes, wall, floor, switch panel, door and window, table and chair, children’s toys, etc.
2. Household electrical appliances: telephone, air conditioner, fans, electric cooker, washing machine, etc.
3. Bathroom products: mirror, table-board, bathtub, ceramic tile, closes tool, etc.
4. Ironware: tap, finger bowl, vegetable plate, pendant, handles, etc.
5. Office supplies: computer, telephone, fax, copier, tables and chair, cabinet, etc.
6. Car applicants: leather sheath for seats, car glass, the proscenium of the car.

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