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acoustic panels melamine sponge


acoustic panels melamine sponge
How the melamine sponge achieve sound insulation effect?
The unique three-dimensional structure of open hole can effectively block sound waves. The sound absorption performance of melamine sponge is much higher than other materials. NRC=0.95, more than most traditional materials.
melamine sponge use at acoustic panels

Where acoustic panels melamine sponge can used?
The easy cutting properties of melamine sponges can be combined with aluminum foil or plastic film.Applied to ceiling, soft - covered furniture, wall, partition, sandwich, wall, etc.
Let’s we check where acoustic panels melamine sponge can used at building:

  1. It can be used at solar thermal collector
  2. Acoustic ceiling
  3. Pige lagging
  4. Furnace
  5. Hot-water cylinder
  6. Sound equipment
  7. Shutter box
  8. Furniture
  9. Air conditioner
acoustic panels
acoustic panels melamine sponge application
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