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Car cleaning eraser sponges


Car cleaning eraser sponges
How to get your car cleaning easy? How to easily remove your car’s dust, dirt & stains at outside and inside? Sometime, we find that is difficult to clean the wheel inside and the concave and convex part of your car. Right?
Now that changing easy to use car cleaning eraser sponges. That with high quality melamine foam eraser sponges. The car cleaning eraser sponges basis materials by melamine resin which is kind of Nano sponge, so it is soft and with good supplenes. sponges wide contact area, then can cleaning the place where the cleaning cloth is difficult to clean. Making your car more cleaner and brighter.
Our car cleaning eraswer sponger is one kind of environmental protection material, it is not just can cleaning, but also have the function of fireproofing, sound insulation and heat preservation.
Let’s we check where it can cleaning at car?
The car cleaning eraser sponges can clean your dashboard, vehicle wheel, wiper, Hood, Engine, Door Trim, ashtray, Steering, Center pilar Gamish, Seat, Seat track, Reclining seat, seatfabric, seat back, headrest, Roof console box, Assist grip and so

Car cleaning
Eraser sponges

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