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What sound-absorbing material is better?


All kinds of noise from the outside world will affect our normal life, so soundproof materials that can isolate sound are essential in many home decoration. So, what kind of material sound insulation effect is good? This answer is not uncommon, just like a thousand readers reading Hamlet will have a thousand opinions, there is no good and bad sound insulation material, only suitable.

The sound insulation material selected for different purposes is different, and the sound insulation effect you want to achieve is also different. However, many sound insulation materials have a large number of micropore gaps in their internal structure, which are evenly distributed and fine pores that can absorb sound waves and hinder the propagation and diffusion of sound waves, so as to achieve sound insulation.

Nano-sponge is a new material in the field of sound insulation, nano-sponge itself has numerous holes, and the distribution is fine, it is difficult to see with the naked eye on the surface, it is a good sound-absorbing sound insulation material, can effectively absorb audio, not only that, nano-sponge also has the following excellent characteristics:
1. Flame retardant. Some sound insulation cotton although the sound insulation effect is good, but flammable, in the ktv this place is basically not the use of such materials. Nano-sponge is different, nano-sponge has excellent flame retardant performance, fire prevention and non-flammable, chemical stability, to solve the shortcomings of sponge sound insulation.
2. Post-processing. Nano-sponge is a soft material, easy to cut, convenient for later reprocessing, the surface of the wavy treatment after sound absorption and sound insulation effect is better. In many recording studios, wavy nano-sponges are extensively used as sound insulation materials.
3. Heat insulation. Nano-sponge not only has the effect of sound insulation, but also can heat insulation, is a good insulation material, and has a wide range of uses.
4. Affordable. It is rare to see materials with good performance and very affordable price positioning like nanosponges. Nano-sponge is made of melamine resin foam, the price of a nano-sponge material is much lower than other sound insulation materials, the use of nano-sponge can also save money.

Puyang En-worldd has a unique sound absorption, heat insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, light weight and other comprehensive excellent performance, has become the market attention of the sound absorption insulation material.

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