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How to clean the accumulated tea dirt in teacups


The formation of tea scale is related to catechins and tea polyphenols in tea. When catechins and tea polyphenols combine with metal ions contained in water, they are easy to become dirt that is difficult to dissolve in water and adhere to tea utensils such as teacups.

Tea dirt alone is difficult to remove with dishwashing liquid, and will form more and more thick stains with the increase of exposure time, which not only affects the appearance, but also leads to bacterial growth, so it should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Cup cleaning before and after comparison

Nano-sponges can be used to clean the tea dirt in the quilt. Nano-sponge is made of very hard melamine resin, there are countless tiny holes on it, he is a pure physical decontamination mechanism, relying on its internal capillary hole structure, as long as the water can be moistened and rubbed to remove tea dirt. After cleaning up the tea dirt, the nano cotton can be cleaned, dried, stored, and can continue to be used next time.

Once the tea scale is formed, it is not easy to remove, so it is better to avoid tea scale in the beginning, and the most important thing to prevent tea scale is to clean it immediately after drinking. Otherwise, the tea dirt will harden and thicken over time, making it difficult to clean. If you don't have time to clean it immediately, simply soak it in water. Get into the habit of cleaning immediately, so you don't have to worry about tricky tea stains later.

Steps for the use of nanosponges

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