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       PUYANG EN-WORLD NEW MATERIAL COMPANY LIMITED sits in the national garden city, the national civilized sity, the Chinese Outstanding Tourism City----Puyang, China, which has beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is engaged in research and development of new materials, manufacturing, high-tech enterprises processing and trade.

Company main product magic eraser sponge, also called melamine sponge, nano sponge, cleaning sponge, household cleaning sponge and magic sponge. It is is a kind of pure white multarticulate body with special structure made by new nanotechnology. It is a kind of environment-friendly cleaning product of 21th century, characterized by tastelessness, innocuity, and harmlessness. Clean, Health, Eco-friendly. Nano sponge

The company has independent research and development, the design of advanced sponge foam production line, annual production of nano sponge 10000 cubic meters.

The company has 2000 square meters of foam processing workshops. With automatic foam cutting machine, foam cutting machine, foam thermal compressor and other advanced processing equipment.

Nano sponge The company's existing production, marketing, sales, international trade sector. Products are exported to the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Spain, UAE, Japan, Korea, Australia, Egypt, Poland, Turkey,Ireland, Mexico, Brazil and other dozens of countries, deeply domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.

Magic Eraser Sponge is disruptive products in cleaning, it has a broad market in car interior cleaning, household cleaning, office cleaning. It will replace chemical cleaning agents.

Holding the idea of professional, high quality and integrity, our company insists the quality policy of high quality supreme, credibility of the first, continuing proving and custom's satisfaction, we sincere willing to develop strategic partners with customs both at home and abord, work hard together and create the beautiful future together.

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