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Nano Cleaning Sponge OEM


Nano Cleaning Sponge OEM


Melamine foam plastics is a kind of low density, high rate of empty, flexible foam plastics.Has excellent flame retardant, sound absorption, insulating and stays are widely applied to improve the sound quality, noise control, the demand of heat insulation construction, industry, transportation, aerospace, mechanical and electrical, home appliances, electronic products, apparel fabrics, household cleaning supplies, and other fields.


  Without any detergents, just water stubborn stains can be wipe out easily.
 Higienic disposable cleaner with antibiotic action. 
 Effortlessly removes dirt and smudges.
 Removes the smudged dirt with just water alone.

 Suitable for a wide range, suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.
 Easy to use, can be cut into different sizes according to shape required.
 With 99.9% natural anti-bacterial effect.
 From high-tech environmental protection products, made from very fine grain structure.


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