nano sponge

New arrival wave shaped melamine sponge


The melamine sponge eraser contains no chemicals, not any detergent needed, cleaning with water only ! No hurt to skin, protect our hands from chemicals harm. Powerful grease stains removing capacity, 99.9% anti-bacterial, Eco-friendly, do not hurt hands ! Easy to remove dirt, no scratches. Save water, save time and save energy.

Now we have new wave shapes melamine sponge. We can produce a lot for you. There are 3 colors including white, pink, and gray color for your option. Our maximum size is 2500*700*250mm, popular size is 10*6*2cm, 10*7*3cm, 11*7*3cm, 12*7*2.5cm, etc.

wave sponge
Wave shaped sponge

For density, original density is 8kg/m3, 1.5 times compression ratios is 12kg/m3, twice compression ratios is 16kg/m3. The higher melamine sponge's density is, the better its quality is. 
We can accepted OEM. Therefore you can require to offer your logo package bag and any customized products as you like. It makes you products more attractive and make s your business more prosperous!
wave sponge
Clean Nano sponge

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