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How to sound absorption for studio?


Sound absorption is mainly to achieve the desired effect of sound field, so it should be considered according to the positioning of the studio.
Less audience, simple sound absorption can be done.
In the case of more audience, a large area of sound absorption should be carried out on the top and wall, and it should also be paid it attention to the coordination of the sound absorbing material and the overall style.
sound absorption
Sound absorption for studio
Melamine foam with flame retardant, light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, non-toxic, no harmful and heavy metals and other comprehensive characteristics, applied to the studio demand for sound absorption and noise reduction. 
sound absorption panel
Sound absorption melamine foam panel
There are 4 main aspects of acoustics control in studio.
The sound absorption area of the ceiling plays a key role in the acoustic control in the whole room. Therefore, it is very important to deal with the sound absorption of the ceiling. In the decoration, we use melamine foam acoustic panel with high barrier, so that we can generally handle the sound absorption and sound insulation of the ceiling, and pay attention to the shockproof treatment of the lighting rack and lighting fixture.

sound absorption foam
Ceiling sound absorption 
Wall surface:
Wall is an important part of acoustical decoration. We can put  insulation foam (sound-absorbing material) in double wall middle block ; the structure and thickness of the wall can be determined according to the environmental conditions of acoustic insulation wall space; the choice of materials using both clean and eco-friendly and fire durable principle, in accordance with the principle of sound absorption material, melamine foam is suitable with high efficient frequency gradient sound-absorbing.
wall sound absorption
Wall surface sound absorption acoustic panel
Doors and windows:
For acoustics treatment, the doors, windows and fire relief outlets of studio rooms should be made of environmentally sound proof cotton and sandwich doors. The sound insulation is better attached on the back of doors and windows. 
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