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How to select high quality the melamine magic sponge?


Melamine magic sponge has been changing our life in many ways.With melamine sponge we clean our house,furniture,office,kitchen,bathroom,car more easily while saving money.Melamine foam has been hot selling,and will definitely be more popular. For most customers, it is important the products has good quality while saving money.How to select high quality melamine magic sponge?

melamine sponge

Composite magic sponge
There are many quality grades for melamine magic sponge. The high density sponge has good tension and long using time. If the sponge is more than 22 densities, it is considered good quality sponge. For the low quality sponge, it will be deformed easily and fallen off only after washing 2-3 times.
melamine sponge
Compressed sponge is stronger
Select Method:
1.Smelling:high quality sponge is almost tasteless.
2.Pinching:high quality melamine sponge is very flexible, not easy to be broken and damaged by hand.
3.Using:high quality melamine sponge is durable, and a piece of sponge can clean  all the dirt on two-living room house.
melamine sponge
High quality melamine sponge has good tension

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