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Can melamine nano sponge clean car?


Melamine nano sponge, the special three-dimensional reticular structure formed nanopipets after wet, can effectively absorb aged dirt. 
The most abvious distinguish with the traditional cleaning methods is that melamine nano spong adopts physical decontamination way, rely on nanopipet of sponge, automatically adsorp stubborn stains of objects surface, like countless super micro cleaner work together. 
melamine nano sponge
Melamine sponge working like countless super micro cleaner together
Due to the special cleaning principle, melamine sponge can remove many stains that can’t erased by traditional cleaning tool. Especially on the uneven surface of the stains, have magical detergency. 
Deeply inside the objects, only water, no detergent can easily remove dirt, no residue, safety and health.
melamine nano sponge
Melamine nano sponge high density to achieve very good quality
So melamine nano sponge completely can clean car. It have good effect for car celaning.
1.decontamination: nanotechnology, only need to gently wipe the stains, can remove aged stains;
2. does not hurt the surface: only water without chemicals, not to hurt the surface; while the traditional cleaning methods mostly use clean foam + brush, easy to cause the damage;
3. High efficiency: rapid decontamination, time-saving, greatly improve the cleaning efficiency
car melamine sponge
Melamine sponge can clean car effectively

Melamine nano sponge can effectively remove the car door plate dirty, leather seats, leather chair, oil ring of aluminum wheel dirt, automotive interior plastic parts, car door glass, dirt, car dashboard, armrest, the steering wheel and the surface of the car small scratches in the dirt, car interior looks new after using this product ; some of the more difficult to remove the footprints, also has a significant effect.

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