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Does melamine sponge can be used for leather products cleaning


The melamine sponge instantly removes stains without detergent, it can clean the leather products' surface as clean as new! The most distinguish with the traditional cleaning sponge is that melamine sponge adopts physical cleaning principle. During cleaning, melamine sponge can automatically absorb the stains on the leather products surface. 

Melamine sponge is like countless super strong mini cleaners working together. Melamine sponge simply makes dirt disappear and brings lots of conveniences to you.

melamine sponge picture
Melamine sponge picture 

Features of the melamine sponge:

1.Just with water, without any detergent

2. Magic power in cleaning the stains.

3. Kind to your hands

4. Natural material, Eco-friendly

5. Easy to use, can be cut into different sizes according to shape required

melamine sponge just need water can clean stains
Melamine sponge just need water can clean stains
melamine sponge has a magic power in leather products cleaning
melamine sponge has a magic power in leather products cleaning


House ware: tea sets, dishes, sofa, wall, floor, toys, etc 

Home appliances :telephone, air conditioner, fridge, washing machine, fan, electric cooker, oven, etc

Bathroom: mirror, bathtub,etc

Office supplies: computer, telephone, fax, table and chairs, cabinet,etc

Car: leather seat, glass, etc

melamine sponge application files
Melamine sponge application files

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