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Magic eraser for sound proof room


Magic eraser for sound proof room 
Enworld magic eraser is a kind of technology mature, low cost noise reduction solution.It is made of ordinary sponge through high pressure.The first is the sound insulation equipment used in recording studio, conference hall, KTV and other places. Now the sound absorbing sponge is gradually entering into the family, which is applied to the structure of wall attachment,like sound proof room.
 Magic Eraser
Magic eraser for sound proof room

The biggest feature of enworld magic eraser for sound proof room is that the shape of the four pyramid also provides the diffusion effect, which makes your voice more energetic.
1. Opening hole: the opening structure is to increase its sound absorption capacity and optimize the process of increasing the internal porosity, thus ensuring the sound absorption coefficient of the pyramid-absorbing sponge;So we can get the desired reverberation effect even if we use a small number of pyramidal sponges in the room.
2. Density: the higher the density of the sound-absorbing sponge, the better the ability to absorb the low frequencies.Pyramid sound-absorbing sponge high-density structure, make it have a very wide absorption band, pyramid, sound-absorbing sponge absorbing frequency can reach above 500 hz, this ensures that in indoor acoustic processing, the absorption of a flat curve;Even if you use more, you hear a dry sound rather than a muffled sound of a loudspeaker.

Enworld factory magic eraser for sound proof room


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