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Amazon Hot Seller Magic Sponge Eraser For Cleaning


Products Information:
Item: Super!!!Amazon Hot Seller Magic Sponge Eraser For Cleaning      
Material:  Melamine sponge(Magic sponge), Non-woven fabric
Density:  Melamine: 50%, 100% or 200% more density
Size: cut into all kinds of sizes
Price: competitive( freely inquiry us and ask samples) 
Usage: Kitchen, household, office, garden, car, bathroom, window, shoes, etc.
Function: It can easily remove hard grime, help you enjoying more bright space
Texture: Veins on surface for cleaning miracle on various surface, especially on ceramic object
magic sponge eraser
Magic sponge eraser  picture 
1. Mechanism: special structure of melamine sponge makes it wiping and drying easily with little water.
2. Don't use any additives or cleaning agents. </span> 
3. Long service life: you can wash it and use again and again.
magic sponge eraser just need water can clean stains
Magic sponge eraser just need water can clean stains 
How to Use:
1. Absorb water with Eco-friendly Magic Sponge and Squeeze out gently.
2. Gently rub sponge on dirty surface to remove the dirts and smudges.
3. Rinse the dirty sponge with water after use and dry it.
4. Dispose of properly after multiple uses.
5. It can be used with different sizes by cutting with knife or scissors according to purpose.
magic eraser sponge using method
Magic eraser sponge using method 
1. No need any additives or detergent.
2. The eraser pad can tear when cleaning sharp edges or rough surfaces. 
3. When removing something from wallpaper, the color can also be erased.
4. Don't use the magic eraser on varnished or shiny surfaces, as they may become dull.
the notes when using magic sponge eraser
The notes when using magic sponge eraser 
Detailed Images:
     The magic eraser sponge instantly removes stains without detergent. It simply makes dirt disappear and brings lots of conveniences to you. This product apply for office, household, car wash and bathroom, etc.
magic sponge eraser pictures
Magic sponge eraser pictures

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