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Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning sponge magic eraser


Magic eraser contains no chemicals, not any detergent needed, cleaning with water only ! No hurt to skin, protect your hands from chemicals harm. Powerful grease stains removing capacity, 99.9% anti-bacterial, Eco-friendly, do not hurt hands ! Easy to remove dirt, no scratches. Save water, save time and save energy.
magic eraser picture
Magic erasr picture
House ware: tea sets, dishes, sofa, wall, floor, toys, etc 
Home appliances :telephone, air conditioner, fridge, washing machine, fan, electric cooker, oven, etc
Bathroom: mirror, bathtub,etc
Office supplies: computer, telephone, fax, table and chairs, cabinet,etc
Car: leather seat, glass, etc
Magic eraser application files
Magic eraser application files 
When clean the electric products, do turn it off first. 
Magic sponge is consumable just like eraser, gradually wearing down is normal phenomenon.
When clean the electric products, do turn it off first.
Magic sponge gently to removes all kinds of dirt or stain.
It's a daily essential goods, we advise you to buy in a lot, to save shipping.
The note of the magic eraser
The note of the magic eraser 
Quality assurance:
We have special department for quality testing. They will make careful and thorough check before delivery.
Magic eraser cleaning effect
Magic eraser cleaning effect

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