nano sponge

Kitchen Magic Emery Sponge rust removal sponge


This is a magic kitchen cleaning sponge with nano emery material, strong cleanliness. you can wash the pot, the stove, especially for stains, rust. cleaning become a simple things. And also,kitchen emery sponge can be used as a sharpener. it is a good kitchen practical.
Safe and health
Easy to wash and dry.
emery sponge
Brown Emery Sponge
Application fields:
- Marble lime
- Lime on brick
- Rust on steel
- Lime on glass wall
- Burnt soot on grates
- Stubborn
- Syreskader on stainless steel
- Pots, pans and grills
- Grinding of furniture and wood general
Emery Sponge
Remove the rust


New arrival nano emery sponge clean rub pot rust focal stains sponge removing tool.
Easy to use, rub the stains of the pot easily and quickly, very useful.
A good choice for your home, also a nice gift for your friend.

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