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How to clean the kitchen fast?


The kitchen is the place where the delicacy is created while the dirt is also created. For each family, kitchen stains will imperceptibly produce , so how to remove these troublesome stains and grease? How to clean your kitchen fast?
1.tile cleaning
When the tile is full of dirt and grease, can directly using wet melamine kitchen sponge wipe the tiles, then Just wipe surface with clean cloth for one or two times. All stubborn dirt can be removed easily.  
kitchen melamine sponge
Melmaine sponge clean kitchen tile

2.sink cleaning
Kitchen sink used to wash dishes and vegetables, easy to grease contamination, if there is no special sink detergent, melamine kitchen sponge still be a good choice. Its high open hole make it strong absorption effect. It is important that it only need water. Of course, if using warm water, cleaning effect will be better.
kitchen sponge
Melamine sponge clean kitchen sink
3.range hood and gas cooker cleaning
The range hood is the most difficult to clean in the kitchen. First, drain the oil stains in the oil box, then immerse the oil box in the soap water or neutral detergent for about 20 minutes. If the oil stain is stubborn, it can soak for 40 minutes. For oil net, If a small amount of oil can be soaked directly in warm water, then wash, dried. If the oil is heavy, it can be soaked with the oil box together.
The gas cooker in cleaning after the meal, while the gas stove with afterheat, to wipe using a wet cloth with soap water or soda water,  if the gas cooker to cool completely, it is difficult to wipe.
kitchen sponge
Clean range hood and gas cooker
4. iron pan and kitchen knife cleaning
In the kitchen, iron pan and kitchen knife will have a layer rust with a long using time, emery kitchen sponge can remove the rust easily and fast. Wet the pot and sponge before using it, or add some detergent for better effect.
kitchen emery sponge
Emery sponge remove rust in iron pan
Try these tips, you will have a healthy and eco-friendly kitchen!

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