nano sponge

High density best quality compressed melamine sponge


Compressed melamine sponge is stronger than ordinary sponge, which means it can holds up tough messes better before you replace it. It has lots of advantages ,higher density, more durable, more flexibility, better felling by hand, more powerful cleaning capability, eco-friendly and healthy.

1.just need water, no detergent needed., healthy, convenient. harm to hands and skin. time, save money, save labor and save water.
5. easy to use ,can be cut into different sizes according to shape require.
6.clean with a little of water, deep clean

Compressed sponge is more durable
The advantages:
1.higher density
2.more flexibility
3. more durable
4.better felling by han
5.powerful cleaning capability. 
compressed sponge
Compressed of melamine sponge

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