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Cleaning tips of clean world magic sponge


Magic sponge is new style eco-friendly clean products in the 21 Century.

It adopts physical cleaning principle by its nano opening hole technology that can automatically adsorb stains on the surface to remove stains. Magic sponge is only one of the ten thousand of a hair. When it works, like countless super mini-cleaner work together. Magic sponge is also called melamine sponge, nano sponge or cleaning sponge. Its cleaning effect is amazing and perfect.
magic sponge
Magic sponge is also called melamine sponge, nano sponge and cleaning sponge

Now let's talk about some cleaning tips about melamine magic sponge:

1.clean white color canvas shoes
Now, almost everyone has a pair of white color canvas shoes or sport shoes, from movie star to original people. But a lot of people are suffering a common problem that is difficult to clean white color shoes.
Using cleaning cloth, only can remove a little stains from surface, do not deeply decontamination. Sometimes, shoes brush don’t achieve ideal cleaning effect. 
How to do it?
Melamine sponge can help you solve it easily. In fact, it is very simple and quick way to clean shoes using magic sponge.
Through its own German nano technology, 99.9% high opening hole, 
no cleaning agent is needed. In the process of use, only the magic sponge is completely soaked in the water.
Squeeze the extra water with your hands and wipe the shoes lightly with a sponge.
 shoes cleaning sponge
Magic sponge can clean white color canvas shoes
2. Clean the interior of a car
Do you know magic sponge can be used to clean car interior?
It is common phenomenon that many people do not know more about the use of magic sponges to clean the interior of a car. They only have heard magic sponge is magic, haven’t ever to use it.
The sponge has a excellent effect on cleaning,it is a car interior cleaner. It only needs a little water and no need of any detergent to remove the interior stain easily.
When using a magic sponge to clean the stains on the interior of a car, it only needs to soak it in the water.
Squeeze out the excess water in the sponge with both hands and use a sponge to gently wipe.  
The surface can easily get clean. Good health and no residue.
car cleaning sponge
Magic sponge can clean car inrterior effectively

3.clean toothbrush seat and water dispenser
National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) study found that twenty-seven percent
 toothbrush holder (toothbrush seat or toothbrush cup) can be infected by pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.
There are moulds and yeasts that are difficult to clean up in the water tank of at least fifty percent.
cleaning magic sponge
Magic sponge can clean toothbrush holder
These bacteria and viruses are a big trouble, but the presence of clean world magic sponge is a good solution to this problem.
The magic sponge needs only water, and it can remove all kinds of stubborn stains without any chemical cleaning agent.
Regular cleaning can remove stubborn dirt to protect family health effectively. 
melamine sponge for water dispenser
Magic sponge can clean water dispenser
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