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Why the Nano sponges called magic eraser


Why the Nano sponges called magic eraser


Nano-sponge is very popular in foreign countries, especially the United States and European countries. Abroad, it has another name "magic eraser" (magic eraser).


Eraser for daily necessities for students, so it goes without saying that in Europe and the United States, nano-sponges, like students use rubber, has become a necessity for people's daily cleaning of the home. On the other hand, the term "eraser" is more in line with the special properties of nano sponges. Nano sponge cleaning a wide range of almost all water will not penetrate the household products can be cleaned with a nano sponge. Slightly soaked in water, the nano sponge instantly becomes an eraser, gently rubbing on the surface of the object, and the resulting debris removes all the stains and refreshes the surface.


This physical scouring principle, more environmentally friendly, time-saving, energy saving, is a good helper for household cleaning!

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