nano sponge

Nano sponges applicable


Nano sponge is suitable for a wide range of applications

1. Ceramics: dishes, cutlery, tea sets, toilets, bathtubs, Mop pool, urinals, mosaics, tiles and other stains.

2. Plastic products: plastic table and chair, plastic steel window, shower room, children's toys, plastic slippers, plastic garbage can and other stains.

3. Office equipment such as desk, computer (keyboard), printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, pen, ink and other surface stains.

4. Electrical appliances: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, electric fan, rice cooker, sterilizing cupboard, etc.

5. Glass products: glass doors and windows, decorative glass, vases, lamps stains.

Leather Products: Automobiles and their interiors, leather furniture, sofa, leather bags, sneakers and other stains, leather lubricants after cleaning required maintenance.

Hardware products: locks, switch sockets, wires, knives and other stains.

Nano sponge does not hurt the surface of the material, does not hurt the skin, no residue, is an environmentally friendly products. Nano sponge can be cut into different sizes, to facilitate the use of different items or range

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