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How to clean tea cup tea tray scale by sponges?


Do you often drink tea? Friends often drink tea, tea cups, tea always have a thick layer of tea scale, and tea scale difficult to clean, people big headache?

Do you have this trouble?

First, the study, tea scale on the human body have a health hazard

May cause AI, hinder nutrient absorption, causing fetal deformity.

Do you have this trouble?

Second, how healthy and rapid cleaning tea scale it?
Envard high-density sponge wipe Features:
Innovation: Revolutionary nanotube technology, automatic adsorption of tea scale;
Health: Does not contain any chemical lotion, physical decontamination, does not hurt the skin;
Environmental protection: with 99.9% natural antibacterial, suitable for cleaning uneven surface;
Convenience: just go to tea water, the effect is magical, simple and thorough.

Just water, tea scale wipe net Nano Ward Nano sponge rub, is the fourth generation of new nano-sponge cleaning products (more durable wear), the use of physical decontamination, relying on nanocapillary wipe in the process of automatic adsorption of tea wall scale, disposable detergent, just water, Easily go to the tea scale. With the tea scale cleaning experts Nano sponge rub, tea scale easy solution to your tea every day bright as new, not for health worries.

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