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How to clean dishes eco-friendly?


The most common thing we use for washing dishes is detergent. But now the market of detergent more or less will contain harmful substances to the human body. How to clean dishes eco-friendly?
cleaning dishes
Cleaning dishes
Now, Let me tell you a magic thing. It called magic eraser.
magic eraser
Magic eraser

The magic sponge used special physical structure-three dimension open cell. It is widely used to cleaning in various places such as kitchen, bathroom, car, etc. It is healthy and Eco-friendly. And it only use with water, not use with detergents.

There are magic eraser's feature:

  1. The material of magic sponge is special physical structure-three dimension open cell.
  2. Good performance on the fire retardant.
  3. Good absorbing of water.
  4. No additional detergents needed while using. When using melamine to deal with stubborn stains like water logging, finger mark or ink smudge, you may just dip the water to slightly clean and it can give you unexpected effect.
        5. Eco-friendly no harm to human body.
        6. Heat insulation property.
        7. Widely used.
magic eraser using method
Using method of magic eraser
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