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How I Use Melamine Cleaning Sponges


My favorite uses for these cleaning blocks change all the time.

These days, I mostly use a melamine sponge to:

  • Remove dog slobber from window sills – what dog doesn’t like to stare out the window?
  • Wipe dirt & grease marks from our white doors – since we use the doors that go to 2 different garages many times each day, this is pretty much an ongoing task
  • Clean the white vinyl screen door – the exterior side that leads to the back porch regularly accumulates a lot of dirt and debris
  • Remove dirty fingerprints from the white pantry door – that gets used multiple times a day
  • Make the see-thru doggie door see-thru again – because it gets used many times each day and accumulates everything from dog slobber and fur to dirt and pollen
  • Wipe dust and dirt from white baseboards – especially in the tight corners
  • Clean chrome fixtures – they’re great at removing hard water build-up, soap scum, and toothpaste splatter from all of our bathroom sink & shower fixtures
  • Remove dirty fingerprints from our white light switches – the ones near the doors and the pantry seem to get the dirtiest
melamine sponge
Melamine sponge

I’ve tested the generic melamine sponges against the original Mr. Clean melamine sponge in each of the above circumstances, and they do — in fact — clean just as well.

So whether you decide to buy the generic melamine sponges or the original cleaning erasers — they’ll all work great. I say… buy whatever you find that’s a good deal!

You can always find boxes from various brands inside my cleaning supplies cabinet.

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