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Acoustic Sound Proofing Melamine Foam Panel sound barrier


Melamine foam is a kind of low density, open-cell, flexible foam made of melamine resin, a thermo set polymer. With its outstanding flame resistance, heat insulation and soundproofing, it can be broadly applied in any area that needs sound absorbing, noise controlling and heat insulating such as construction, industry, transportation, aviation, machinery etc. Melamine foam stays flexible at low temperatures and has a excellent abrasive characteristics.
Acoustic Foamexext
Acoustic sound melamine foam
Main 8 characteristics of Acoustic Foam:

1. High flame resistance. Tested to CN standard GB 8624-2006/B-s2, d0, t2 level (equal to German DIN 4102 B1 level and Americas UL 94-96V-0 level) in flame proofing without any flame proofing agents. When subjected to open flame, it will form a layer of coke on the surface obstructing continued burning producing no liquid or poisonous gas or smoke. Melamine foam will self extinguish.

 2. High sound absorption. With 95% open-cell, sound waves can easily enter the inner part of the Melamine foam and absorbed in the vibration of the fiber net. re-radiation is also prevented.

 3. Good heat insulation. The 3D fiber grid net construction of Melamine foam effectively blocks heat transmitting air movement, due to its 95% open-cell properties.

 4. High resistance of high temperature. Suitable for long-term working in 200-240 Celsius. No breaking down or deformation under 400 Celsius.

 5. Low density. The density of the product is 4-12kg per cubic meter; the lightest foam plastic available.

 6.Safe, hygienic, and non-poisonous. Stable formation and chemical construction has special chemical stabilization properties. Melamine foam can be applied to all interior applications including commercial, industrial, transportation and domestic.

7. Convenient deep processing and installation. Melamine foam can be processed into cylinder, sheet,or other shaped materials by cutting, filing, or other ways. In order to increase the area for better sound proofing effect, the surface can be processed as cone or wedge-shape. In addition, it also can change various shapes as requirement by hot press process. Original adhesive without other installing measures can fix the material on metal and nonmetal surface. Generally, melamine foam panel with double faced adhesive tape is popular among customers.

8. Extremely durable. Melamine foam can keep from weathering, decomposition, shrinking under the conditions of great heat, high pressure, high humidity, and high wind speeds.

Acoustic Foam
High flame resistance
Acoustic Foam
Good sound absorption 

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